5 Ways to relieve gassy babies

Baby Emma kicks her legs up, clenches her fist and works up a wail that leaves her face red and blotchy. She’s uncomfortable, frustrated and tired– a bad combination. Her pleading eyes lock with mine, and we both know that there will be no peace until she cuts the cheese.

Classic signs of a gassy baby include clenching their fists and kicking their legs upward. They fuss and look uncomfortable or irritated. Issues with a baby’s trouser trumpet could stem from  transitioning to solid foods, certain types of foods, eating too quickly, improper feeding and not enough burping.

As a nanny, sometimes I can give the baby gas drops and sometimes I can’t depending on what parents have on-hand and what medications or supplements parents want me to give their children.

While gas drops are nice, there are other methods to achieve a baby cheek squeak. Here are the five ways I cajole baby bottoms to let it rip.

  1. Bicycle kicks are my most effective method to inducing the one-gun salute. Bicycle kicks are so effective that I’ve incorporated them into our after mealtime routine to prevent gas build-up and discomfort. Lay your baby on their back, and gently move their legs like they are riding a bike. Click here to see this method in action.
  2. Tummy Time helps babies move gas bubbles and strengthens their head, neck and back muscles. I cannot stress the importance of tummy time enough, and, like bicycle kicks, I make time for this activity several times throughout the day.
  3. Baby Bouncers offer a new position and more freedom for babies to move their legs on their own. Although I haven’t read anything from an expert on using bouncy chairs to assist with the butt bazooka, babies tend to break more than wind in these seats.
  4. Massages provide comfort and ease pressure. When a baby is too fussy to do bicycle kicks, tummy time or the bouncy seat, my next tactic is to coax a duck quack by gently massaging the baby’s belly or back.  Here’s a video tutorial about massage techniques for baby digestive issues.
  5. Soothing techniques such as swaddling, swings, pacifiers, walking and bouncing can help calm and relax a fussy baby. It may be easier for a relaxed baby to slip out a stinker than a fussed up, fist clenching crier, so give your baby what best helps soothe them. Even if they take a nap instead of letting out a booty belch, you can come back to remedies like bicycle kicks and tummy time once the baby is calm and refreshed.



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